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Business Partner Exposition 2016

Holiday Party 2015

Bastone Brewery, Royal Oak, Michigan.

Chapter Meeting 9-15-2015

Presenter: Dennis Archer

40th Anniversary Party

September 10, 2015.

Business Partner Exposition 2015

We celebrated our Business Partners on May 7th with a High Roller night at Emagine Theater in Royal Oak. Business Partners and Members came out for a night of great food, drinks, socializing and yes even to watch me bowl in a skirt! The atmosphere was amazing and everyone loved the venue. Glow in the dark bowling and shuffleboard were just some of the activities that took place. I must admit, bowling was quite amusing and we even had some Business Partners and Members as cheerleaders; especially Lyn Calu, Pat Sprinkle and Tony Ventimiglia.

2014 Misc.

Casino Night - March 6, 2014

Holiday Party 2013

Business Partner Exposition 2013

ALA Regional Conference April 2013

Business Partner Exposition 2012

Installation of Officers 2012

ALA National Conference 2011

Vendor Appreciation Night 2010

Holiday Party 2010

Business Partner Exposition 2010

ALA National Conference 2010

35th Chapter Anniversary Party 2010

Vendor Exposition 2009

Installation of Officers 2009

Holiday Party 2009

Golf Outing 2009

Holiday Party 2008

Community Service

Special Olympics

Past Board Members

Past Region 3 Directors

International Conference Seattle

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