Chapter Leadership

The people serving on the board of directors are elected by the chapter membership, and serve as the chapter’s governing body which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the chapter.


2017/2018 Board of Directors

Geri Calvetti President
Ronda Harris Vice-President/President Elect
Melissa Clark Immediate Past President
Ronda Harris Treasurer
Linda Reyna Secretary
Denise Doherty / Cynthia Whitcomb Co-Directors of Membership
Melissa Clark Director of Business Partner Relations
Andrea Young / Kandi Lampkins Co-Directors of Education, Meetings & Publicity


Chair & Other Leadership Positions

Kathy Batts Assistant Treasurer
Lyn Calu Community Connections Chairperson
--- Diversity Chairperson
Beth Lockwood Website Chairperson
Terri Spitzig Newsletter Chairperson


Chapter Leadership Job Descriptions

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Director of Meetings and Publicity Director of Business Partner Relations Past President Education Chair Newsletter Chair Director of Membership Assistant Treasurer Website Chair Community Connection Chair